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The Booker Law Group, LLC is a Chicago Law Firm dedicated to using the legal system to serve employees and fight injustices in the workplace.  As Chicago employment lawyers, we work to protect the rights and careers of employees who are victims of various illegal employment practices by their employers that include: wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation (including retaliatory discharge and retaliation for reporting harassment or discrimination), and employment discrimination, (including race discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination and pregnancy discrimination). We also protect the rights of employees or prospective employees by reviewing and negotiating severance agreements and employment contracts.

At The Booker Law Group, LLC, we are committed to pursuing justice on behalf of employees and fighting institutions who engage in illegal employment practices. We clearly understand the feelings of employees who feel powerless, discouraged and angry when faced with unlawful employment situations. We also realize that employers have significant leverage over employees. It is this understanding that drives our commitment to stand by employees, to protect their rights and to protect their careers when they are victims of wrongdoings by their employers. With many years of experience in employment law, we are keenly aware of various grievances suffered by employees and financial awards available to them to compensate for an employer’s unlawful acts. If you need a Chicago employment lawyer who will understand your feelings and fight for your rights, the Booker Law Group, LLC is here to provide you with the legal representation that you need in these difficult situations. For more information on our employment law services and how we can serve you, please visit our Employment Law Practice page.

We also provide mediation services throughout the Chicago metro area and Illinois to resolve employment, business and litigation disputes. 

At the Booker Law Group, LLC, we work with our clients as a team to achieve the best results at reasonable rates. As Chicago employment attorneys, we deeply value our clients and serve them with the utmost respect and integrity. We provide high-quality legal representation with aggressive advocacy, timely communications and responsiveness. We enjoy serving our clients and invite you to call us at (312) 291-4628 or contact us online.

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