About Us

The Booker Law Group, LLC is about helping employees and small business owners.

  • We help employees collect damages and fight on behalf of employees to protect their rights as well as address violations of the workplace
  • We help business owners protect their business by identifying risks and negotiating contracts that can help them raise their profits and reduce their risks to various liabilities
  • We help employees, business owners and other parties resolve their disputes through mediation and restore business or personal relationships
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The Booker Law Group, LLC is also about service. We serve our clients with the best quality of legal services, in the most cost-efficient manner, to attain the best results. We are devoted to our clients and some of our services include the following:
  • We meet with clients to determine their goals and objectives
  • We counsel clients on the legal aspects of their case
  • We work with our clients as a team to achieve the best results
  • We treat our clients with respect and integrity
  • We provide clients with timely communications and responsiveness in reference to their matter
  • We stay abreast of the law to help the case by attending seminars
  • We work hard for our clients and provide high-quality representation with zealous and aggressive advocacy to get the best possible results for our clients
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